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Sara López is an exceptionally versatile dancer, specializing in the expression of femininity through dance. Dominating a wide range of styles, such as bachata, salsa, hip hop, heels, and kizomba, Sara has left her mark on the dance industry worldwide.

Starting her career at the Ballet Joven África Guzmán, Sara has been a technical judge in a variety of international competitions, including the prestigious World Latin Dance Cup. In 2009, she competed in Africadançar, where she was selected to represent Spain in the international championship of Kizomba, obtaining a second place. In 2012, she made history by becoming the first competitor to join the jury.

In addition to her competitive achievements, Sara has worked on numerous video clips, television shows, and international interviews. One of his most outstanding contributions is his participation in the video clip of Daniel Santacruz «Lento», which has been seen by more than 228 million people on YouTube.

With more than 15 years of experience in the dance industry, Sara continues to work on the most important international events of Latin rhythms, which has led her to travel around the world. Her influence on dance has led Sara to create her own women’s empowerment brands, Queens and Feminity. If you are looking for a true expert in dance and femininity, look no further than Sara López.



Sara López is an internationally renowned dancer and choreographer, with a broad background in various genres, including ballet, hip hop, flamenco, contemporary and Latin rhythms. Her passion and skills in dance are reflected in her training and experience, having obtained certification with «honors» by The Royal Ballet of London and having traveled around the world teaching master classes and performing shows, which has consolidated it as one of the main world references in the world of Latin dances.

Sara is a complete artist who has demonstrated her talent and creativity in different scenarios, which has earned her recognition and awards throughout her career. Among them stands out his experience as a technical judge in international competitions, including the prestigious World Latin Dance Cup (WLDC), where his criteria and expertise are highly valued.

In addition, her influence on social media makes her one of the most influential figures in the Latin dance community and dance in general, inspiring thousands of people around the world through her style, technique, and passion for the art of the movement. Sara is undoubtedly an emblematic figure in the world of dance, whose legacy and talent continue to inspire new generations of dancers and dance lovers around the world.




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